What We Do


Your items represent memories, stories and family history that may have taken a lifetime to accumulate. We know that parting with possessions can be a difficult and stressful time and we promise to be sensitive to your situation. Our goal is to make the estate sale experience as stress free as possible. Each sale that Lifetime Estate Sales conduct is unique; every client has a slightly different situation.  We provide free consultations and will never pressure you to use our services. We pledge to help you make a decision that is best for your situation, budget and time frame.


  •  Sort, layout & price all items.  Some signage will be used for items such as linens, books, etc.  

  •  Photographs will be taken and utilized on the website.  We will market and advertise your sale in local newspapers, on estate sale websites and in appropriate other avenues.

  •  We take photographs and craft descriptions of your items that will bring in the right buyers. We research the value of your items by making sure we provide model numbers, maker’s marks, sizes and other important information in the photographs and descriptions.

  •  Additional services include donating unsold items (except for small quantities).  Trash hauling and cleaning after the sale is contracted out to expert providers we trust and may include other flat charge disposal fees. We do not charge to coordinate these services, but the charges and fees are deducted from the client’s estate sale proceeds. We can provide additional services to clear your entire home and leave it broom clean if desired.

  •  Payment to the client will be provided within one week after all services have been rendered. 

• Do you need to list your property?  Do you need total clean-out services?  We can help with that as well.