Happy Shopper 11/19

Wonderfully organized estate sale. It was a wonderful experience with lots of great items. Everyone working was extremely helpful and friendly.

Barbary 8/19

“What an absolute pleasure working with Kay and her team, they are professional, knowledgeable and work very hard to get things Processed.  From the first initial contact throughout the entire process they are there for you and communicate all that will happen.  From the pictures to the advertising, to the pricing, to the website, the signage, the actual date of sale all was absolutely amazing.  I could not believe how many people were waiting to come in on the first day, this is all due to Kay’s relationships, advertising, website and overall professionalism.  I highly recommend Kay and her team for any type of sale you are looking to have !”

Jerry 5/19

Kay makes moving easier. Her and her team priced, organized, and then sold decades worth of stuff that I simply didn’t need anymore. She did such a great job, and I received a juicy check.

Terry & Bill 4/19

We had Kay do an estate sale for us after we sold our house in the mountains. She and her crew did a fabulous job and we could not be more pleased how everything was handled in such a professional manner. Super operation. Thanks so much Kay and crew, 

Gillian 02/19
Kay and her team were AMAZING!! My mother in law had passed away and Kay came in sorted through SO MUCH and organized everything! At a time when everything is sad and worrisome, Kay was very respectful and understood exactly what to do!! It was a very successful estate sale!! We are truly grateful for Lifetime Estate Sales!!!! Thank you so so much!!!

Amy 08/18 Hiring Kay with Lifetime Estate Sales to handle our estate sale was the right decision for our international move. My family relocated out of the country prior to the sale, and Kay handled everything, from organizing and pricing our estate, to helping to arrange a charity pickup of items that didn’t sell, to everything in between. She went above and beyond in every way. She made sure that our items received top dollar by researching their values ahead of time, including appraisals for my jewelry. Her website was updated regularly with attractive photos of our items. She advertised in various resources to attract the best buyers, including into speciality markets for  our more unique collections. Her advertising was so effective that we had buyers literally lining the street during the sale, so much so that she needed to hire a police officer to handle the traffic (another task she handled beautifully)! Throughout the process, she communicated with me every step of the way, always responding to my questions and concerns quickly and professionally. Due to my distant location, there were many tasks I could not do myself, and she handled everything in my absence, allowing me to rest easy that my estate was well managed. The financial results exceeded my highest expectations. I highly recommend Kay to anyone who wants a smooth and successful estate sale. 

Marie 07/18 I just want to thank you for what you do.I love Estate sales...Please come to Toccoa ,Ga.thank you.marie

Amy 07/18 Hi Kay,

What a huge success! Thank you so much, and congrats!

...I can’t thank you enough! Thank you!

Amy 07/18 Kay, Thank you so much for everything, and please give our deep thanks to Brian also! This move has been both difficult and exciting, and your help has spared me many sleepless nights. I will continue to think about you this week and look forward to a very successful sale. 

Amy 07/18 Wow! This is so exciting!!

Thank you so much for all of your hard work! You are amazing!

Satisfied Shopper 07/18 Everyone was helpful. Especially Mike who helped us carry our things to the car .

Aundra & Kim 02/18 Words cannot express how much we appreciate what you've done to help us get through this sale. We were overwhelmed but calm assurance was priceless...thanks to you all! God Bless.

W. Michael McSwain 02/18 Thank you so much! This was a sad experience for us but you all made it as easy as it could possibly be. 

Thank you so much.

Kathy & Roger 01/18 Thank you Ladies...you’ve done a wonderful job! The house looks great!​ We appreciate your hard work more than you could know.

We can’t thank you Ladies enough for all your hard work. We are very glad that we found your company. 

Many thanks and all our gratitude ☺️ 

Peggy 09/17 I want to thank all the ladies on the team for all of your good help during this rather stressful time. You took much of the stress out of it and I'm grateful to you for that. Blessings on each of you.

Sandy & Bill 08/17 ~ Downsizing Sale - Phase I June 2017; Phase II August 2017

Thanks so much for all that you did for our estate sale. I didn’t think so much would have been sold in 2 days! But thanks to your organization skills and your dedication to your customers, both the clients and those who come to your sales, it was phenomenal! Your advertising was tops. You used so many available ways to get the word out. You greeted each customer warmly and I’m sure made each one feel welcome. “Issues” never really came up. You all had done so many sales that you had solutions for most every problem that could have happened. You all worked so hard in pricing most every item – and there were lots of items ! 

Thanks also for the prayer before the start of the sale. That really meant a lot to us.